Welcome to the official website of the Association of Calypsonians UK.
The Association of Calypsonians UK (reg name) is a membership led charitable organisation
with the aim of advancing and sharing the Caribbean art-form of Calypso in the UK and Europe.
   The  charity’s objects are:
  • To promote the culture of Calypso music originating from artists based in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Caribbean and elsewhere.
  • To facilitate, enable and encourage the development of Calypso and music tradition by establishing training and development workshops and events regarding various aspects of Calypso, including but not limited to composition, arrangement, singing, performance and promotion to assist in the development of the art form.
  • To conserve Calypso music through the purchase, acquisition and obtaining interests in Copyright and the right to perform or publish and exhibit and archive any material of members which can be used to promote the work of the company.
  • To encourage participation by youths and adults in education programmes and activities regarding Calypso history, culture and development.
  • To further the promotion and development of Calypso art form by entering into agreements with researchers, authors, composers, producers, artistes, promoters, persons and organisations including schools, colleges and universities in regard to furtherance of the objects
  • The charity aims to encourage regular and new visitors of all ages to to the London Calypso Tent to erxperience the live music and develop the art form accross various communities.

The ACUK objective in hosting the World Music Stage is to bring live Calypso (the mother of Caribbean music and initial sound track of Carnival)
to a wider audience. We also showcase other music genres of alternative artistes so as to have a protean mix of music which deserves the title of ‘World Music’.

ACUK is supported by: