Akima Paul’s all-too-brief time on the London stage was crowned with success, as she won top honours in the Calypso Monarch contest in 2009 with ‘Passport Love’, which put into calypso form that familiar tale of a man’s affections having less to do with the woman herself than her passport. It was a strong subject, imaginatively conveyed – as you might expect from a multi-talented performer..

At just 15 years old, Akima was honoured by the United Nations Environment Programme for her persuasive advocacy. ‘Prostitute’  described at the time as “a lyrical gem” – brought her the 2001 Grenada Soca Monarch crown and she then won the country’s top award for academic achievement, the National Island Scholarship. Akima came to the UK to study law and soon became a legal high-flyer specialising in commercial litigation. In March 2017 she achieved a first for a former London calypsonian in being appointed Grenada’s High Commissioner to the UK. And somehow she still finds time to write poetry…

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