Woman is boss! Brown Sugar takes London calypso crown BROWN SUGAR, 2017 BRITISH CALYPSO MONARCH London’s temple of calypso, The Tabernacle, was packed and the atmosphere buzzing with expectation on Thursday night as ten calypsonians gave of their best vying for the UK Calypso Monarch title. Those of us lucky enough to have caught previous performances at the Association of Calypsonians UK London Calypso Tent knew it was going to be an epic contest, and so it was.
Dignitaries present included Rebecca Lawrence of the Mayor’s Office, RBKC Mayor Cllr Rossi (back for a second taste of the Tent), T&T High Commissioner HE Orville London and former HC Garvin Nicholas, journalist and broadcaster Dotun Adebayo, actor Rudolph Walker and calypsonians Trinidad Rio.
It was widely agreed that this year’s finalists have raised the bar once again – arguably, any of the eventual top four would have made a worthy winner. Not so many years ago, most of those placed lower down this year’s results table would have had a strong chance of victory too.
But it was Brown Sugar who sweetened the judges’ ears with her powerful performance of Equal Opportunities. Her imaginative opening got everyone’s attention, looking harassed as if late for work, then coming on stage with vacuum cleaner and apron. Despite all the fights for women’s rights, the opportunities and pressures are hardly equal between the sexes, her well-crafted calypso suggested. A good selection of back-projected slides reinforced the message. (Soca News)

She entered her first calypso competition in 1995 when she was working at Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago. Once in the UK, Brown Sugar started singing with AJ’s Calypso Tent in Reading in 2003. Since joining the ABC in 2004 she has secured UK Calypso Monarch honours three times – currently, she wears the 2017 calypso crown  and has twice won the UK Groovy Soca competition. She has shared the stage with the late Mighty Duke, Explainer and Pink Panther.
Despite her powerful stage performances and magnificent voice, we are told that Beverley Browne is very shy and does not dare sing in front of a crowd… but Brown Sugar will!

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