Clivus (Clive Lewis)
Clivus joined the ABC London Calypso Tent in 1998 and hit the ground running. He was born in England, and it was on his first visit to Anguilla that he gained an insight into the calypso artform.

He was inspired by other Anguillan artistes such as Pulfero, Chinnicks, King Leo, Lucifer (Shermatt) and others from the Eastern Caribbean region, including Lord Short Shirt, King Swallow, King Socrates and Springer, who, he says, have contributed to his growth as a performer. He is proud to be the first UK-based calypsonian to represent Anguilla in the Tent.
Clivus states: “I hope to thrill the audiences of our Tent with my style of calypso and soca for years to come.”

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