Calypso in London: The book

In celebrating the 25th anniversary (Silver Jubilee) of our London Calypso Tent. A book by STEPHEN SPARK With a historical introduction by John Cowley has being published. This attractive illustrated book not only includes the history of the Tent from 1992 to 2017, but also takes a backwards glance at the pioneering days of the 1960s‑80s. Back in 2005, Ashton Moore, known to generations of London calypso-lovers as the Mighty Tiger, president of the Association of British Calypsonians, proposed putting on a small exhibition at the old Yaa Asantewaa Centre London of some of the photographs the author had been taking over the past ten years. To the best of ACUK’s knowledge this is the first book that has ever been published solely on London’s calypso heritage

Calypso in London the Book

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